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Road & Bridge

Welcome to the Cross County Road Department.

Road Superintendent: Sheay Cooper
Road Department Secretary: Elizabeth Hylle

1730 Hwy 193
Wynne, AR 72396
Phone: (870) 238-5740


There is a tire disposal collection project at the County Road Department facility. Tires are collected between the hours of 8:30 A.M. and 3:30 P.M., Monday - Thursday.

The provider for the Cross County Tire Disposal project is Pulaski County Solid Waste Management District.

Tires will be collected and stored on the ground rather than in a trailer. Small and large tires are to be stored separately from XL tires  as XL tires are disposed of via a statewide tire recycling program.

People who want to dispose of tires must complete a manifest form available from the Road Department office.

A resident can dispose of four (4) used tires of any size each month for free.  Residents are to sign the Individual Collection Form when they bring tires.

If a resident brings more than 4 tires in a month, there will be a fee  for the excess number. The fees that are charged are:

  • $3 per tire fee for any additional tires off the rim from individuals
  • $2.20 per tire for ATV, lawn mower, and small aircraft tires
  • $7.65 per tire for small skid steer, bobcat, implement, front backhoe tires and medium aircraft tires
  • $11.50 per tire for large skid steer, large bobcat, small tractor and large aircraft tires.
  • $27 per tire for medium tractor and road grader tires
  • $38 per tire for large tractor and industrial tires.

No tires will be accepted outside the scheduled hours and failure to comply could force the county to close the tire disposal project.

Currently there is no end date for this project.


March 21, 2022
     The road department has replaced 2 corrugated culverts on CR 663 with rectangular concrete culvert that increases the water flow by approximately 40%. This will help to eliminate the road washing away in heavy rains. We have also replaced 2 corrugated pipes on Million Dollar Road with a concrete culvert which will also increase the water flow by about 30%.

The road department is currently planning to test soil chem on four roads near Fitzgerald Crossing in an effort to eliminate washouts and potholes in our gravel roads. If this process is effective, we will utilize it throughout the county.

The limb trimming machine and two bush hogs will be back in service beginning in April.

Contact the judge's office at 870-238-5750 with issues that need immediate attention.