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County Judge


Photo of Judge Lynn Blade
Lynn Blake
County Judge

705 Union Ave E, Room 4
Wynne, AR 72396

Office: (870) 238-5750
Cell: (870) 588-2350
FAX: (870) 238-5714

Road Dept. Phone: (870) 238-5740

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Monday thru Friday 8:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M.
Closed for all federal holidays

The county judge is the chief executive officer for county government in Arkansas, though there is no power over other county executive officers, such as sheriff, county clerk, circuit clerk, treasurer, assessor, collector, and coroner.

Amendment 55, Article 3 – The County Judge, in addition to other powers and duties provided for by the Constitution and by law:

  • shall preside over the Quorum Court without a vote but with the power of veto;
  • authorize and approve disbursement of appropriated funds;
  • operate the system of county roads;
  • administer ordinances enacted by the Quorum Court;
  • have custody of county property; (see note below*)
  • hire county employees, except those persons employed by other elected officials of the county. 

In addition, the county judge:

  • appoints members to various administrative and advisory boards under the sponsorship and auspices of county government
  • sits in a judicial role as the county court, which has jurisdiction in matters related to county taxes, paupers, annexation, and landlocked litigation
  • accepts grants from federal, state, public and private sources.

    *In addition, A.C.A. 14-14-1102(3)(A) says, “The county judge, as the chief executive officer of the county, shall have custody of county property and is responsible for the administration, care, and keeping of such county property, including the right to dispose of county property in the manner and procedure provided by law for the disposal of county property by the county court. The county judge shall have the right to lease, assign, or not assign use of such property whether or not the county property was purchased with county funds or was acquired through donations, gifts, grants, confiscation, or condemnation.”
Photo of County Judge's Admin Secretary Cindy Andrews
Cindy Andrews
Administrative Secretary
Photo of County Judge's Admin Assistant Mike Hamrick
Mike Hamrick
Administrative Assistant

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