Cross County, Arkansas  
Cross County, Arkansas
Cross County, Arkansas

Sherri Williams
Elected 2011

Welcome to the Assessor's office. Our goal is to equitably and accurately assess all real estate and personal property in Cross County in a professional and courteous manner that assures public confidence and funding for public services. As your Assessor, I will discharge my duties with fairness and integrity while upholding the laws of the State of Arkansas.  This office strives to be a source of accurate and timely property information for local government, schools, and the community.  Our office now offers all our real estate information free on-line at the link listed below.  We now have the capabilities to e-mail your current personal property assessment.   




Sherri Williams, Assessor
705 E. Union, Room 5
Wynne, Ar 72396
Phone (870)238-5715
Fax (870)238-5714


OFFICE HOURS:  Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (open during the noon hour) closed all major holidays.


The duties of the Assessor are to appraise and assess all real property between the first Monday of January and July 1st, and all personal property between January 1st and May 31st (ACA 26-26-1408 and 26-26-1101). All property in the state shall be assessed according to its value on the first day of January except merchants and manufacturers inventory that is assessed at its average value during the year immediately proceeding the first day of January (AAC 26-26-1201). 
All personal property and business personal property must be assessed between January 1st and May 31st.  After May 31st, there is a 10% late assessment fee and penalties as required.


A homestead is a property that is used as your principal place of residence and you are the owner of record or are buying on a recorded contract.  You may be eligible for up to $350 credit on your real estate taxes.  To apply for a Homestead Credit, come by the Assessor's office and fill out a form.  Once you have applied for the credit, you do not have to reapply unless you have purchased a new home or moved.  All homesteads must be applied for by October 10th of each year.


Anyone 65 years of age or older or 100% disabled may qualify for a freeze on real estate taxes.  This freeze is placed on the real estate value that is the homestead.  This does not include land that is priced as agriculture, such as timber or pasture land, or rental property.  Anyone eligible for this freeze needs to come to the Assessor's office and fill out a form and provide us with proper documentation verifying age or date of disability.

Real Estate is automatically assessed each year, unless one is adding a mobile home.  If a mobile home is added, one must come to the Assessor's office and give us the specifics on that mobile home.  Anyone who feels that the property value is not correct may file an appeal with the Cross County Equalization Board.  The deadline to file an appeal is the third Monday in August of each year.


Jackie Clark
Terry Imboden
Anthony Blake
John Smith
Dr. Richard Toland


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